Cartoon HD is one of the best apps out there for you to watch all your favorite TV shows and other cartoon shows which you would have always been longing to watch.

However, there is always one thing which restricts the fair and unlimited access to your online streaming and that is just because cartoon hd is not able to deliver all those shows which you would want to watch and along with that, you too would also want to watch a lot of shows, however, cartoon hd wouldn’t have all of them onboard.

There is also one common issue that cartoon hd doesn’t work on all your favorites devices which makes the experience somewhat harder for you to deal with cartoon hd and that is why we have cartoon hd alternatives.

cartoon hd

Best Cartoon HD Alternatives


Showbox is one of the best apps out there for you to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows as it easily allows you to watch all of them and that too for free. Along with that, you would even be able to watch all those Hollywood and Bollywood movies which you couldn’t find elsewhere.

You would even be able to download your favorite shows and well, there is no need to register for any kind of service when you have the Showbox app out there in your devices.

Popcorn Time

This here is another great app which totally fits into the category of cartoon hd alternatives and well, if you too are willing to watch all those tv shows and movies for free, ten you should definitely try out the popcorn time which is available to download for free on Android as well as your PCs or Mac too. You can also download all those shows and movies which you want to watch.


The MovieBox is a great app for you to watch your favorite shows and just for consent, it offers you to watch all those shows for free which you would love to watch and that too in different formats according to your will. If you would like to see a particular format of movie, here you will get that.


The CinemaBox is mostly like all the apps which I have mentioned here, but the best part is that it allows you to watch shows at an amazing speed which you won’t find in other apps which have been mentioned here. It is available to download for android as well as your PC which you can use for free.


Crackle is also a great app which actually is the best here as for the catoon hd alternative and you can easily download this app for free without any issues. You can even stream into your favorite shows as well as download them and that too for free.